quarta-feira, julho 31, 2013

a mudança criativa

How Creativity Enhances Persuasion
(Kurt Mortensen)
Creativity is a skill anyone can learn and master. It does not matter if you have tried to be creative in the past. Creativity will open your mind, you will feel less tied down and it will enable you to see more solutions. The latest research shows we can learn to be more creative and creativity increases your ability to influence.
Being creative is taking old ideas, new ideas, imagination and creating a combination that solves your prospect's problem. It is taking thoughts or ideas that seem unrelated and formulating a creative solution. Everyone has access to the same information, but creativity comes when people see, organize or combine the information in a new way. One thing that holds people back is they focus on all the negative aspects of the problem they are trying to solve. They focus so much on the worry and what could go wrong, they miss the solution or what could go right.  
Creative people aren't the ones that are full of tattoos, have purple hair and sing in a band. In fact, most creative people tend to be average. Part of being creative is never being satisfied with the status quo or the willingness to ask why at the right times. We have to pay the price, face the consequences to win the game. When we are creative and stick our neck out, we will face bumps in the road, but you'll never get to your destination if you aren't willing to drive over the bumps. Top performers know that creative change is the key to both their success and their ability to influence others and create long-term influence
Here are 5 steps you can follow to become more creative:
1. Always try to find at least 5 solutions to each challenge - this forces you to be creative and to understand there is not always one solution to every challenge.
2. Use group synergy and energy to find solutions - other peoples experience, education and 3. Never downplay any suggestions or ideas - sure they might be less than ideal suggestions, but as a group you can build, change, adjust or fine tune any idea to solve your challenge. 
3. Have confidence in your subconscious mind - many of the answers are there, take time to be alone with your thoughts and trust in yourself that they will be discovered
4. Practice telling stories, metaphors or analogies - choose any subject at random and come up with various ways to teach someone else the topic using stories, metaphors or analogies. This exercises your creative muscle. 
5. Time is not always your friend - be patient with the solution you are seeking. It might take longer than expected, but the perfect solution is always worth the wait. 
Creativity involves the ability to generate new ideas. To master creativity you must have access to new information. Read new books, listen to educational CD's, watch the discovery channel, pick a foreign topic to review or learn. Branch out and learn from many different industries and topics. Magazines are also a great resource to stimulate your mind. Your mind will become more fertile, more imaginative and help generate new creative ideas when you need them. Today I want you to brainstorm 10 creative ideas to solve your biggest influence challenge. 
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