quarta-feira, outubro 09, 2013

a presença carismática

Do You Have Presence?  Can You Learn Charisma? 

Hello power persuaders,

Happy Wednesday everyone! Welcome back to the newsletter and podcast. It sounds like everyone is fed up with politics, so I promise I won't talk about what is happening in Washington DC.   

So, the question of the week is....Do people notice when you walk into a room? Do you have presence?

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You have seen it, you have felt it. When you are around a charismatic person, not only do you feel their presence and energy, but it is transferred to you. There are 3 parts to your presence: your health, your enthusiasm and your energy. Too many people have no presence and it can actually repel those you are trying to influence and lead. You have sat next to this type of person before. You don't even talk to them, but you can feel them draining the energy out of you. 
People judge you by how you look and how you make them feel. You need to consider your weight, your exercise, your nutrition and your sleep. We are all busy and I know it is difficult to make time for these things, but is critical for your presence and your ability to influence and radiate charisma. 
When you enter a room, everyone needs to notice. When you have a great presence - you transfer energy. When you are speaking in front of a group, you not only have to transmit energy, but maintain the energy of the audience. A bored and uninterested mind will always say no. When your presentation or demeanor is dull and lifeless, you lose their interest and transmit no charisma. 
When we look at life, we have to realize that it is not lived in segments, but rather, it is part of a greater whole. We can't compartmentalize each area of our life. Every aspect of your life will either help or hurt your presence and charisma. Your objective is to get all areas working together to create and have the ability to transfer high-energy. Realize, however, that you can invest too much time in one aspect of your life. When you do, you can get unbalanced just like a tire on a car. Even too much of a good thing can lead to disaster. 
Charismatic people enhance their energy by finding balance and alignment in their lives. No balance and no energy - equals no charisma. When you don't feel right, you don't seem right to other people. Make sure there is balance in every aspect of your life. Imbalance can undermine motivation and cause inaction and decrease your energy. 
Most people lack energy because they don't know an imbalance exists. It may be only one area of our life that is out of alignment, but it can still have a direct effect on other areas of our life. Just like your car. If your brakes aren't working - it will affect your ability to drive your car. Find balance and you will find more energy and improve your presence. 
If you want balance, if you want a better presence and more energy, you need to align your life. There are six areas that you must spend time on each week (some require more time than others). There are the six areas of life lignment.

If you can't take care of your monetary needs, then you can't take care of your basic needs. If you neglect your finances, imbalance will ensue. We all know when you can't pay the bills, it affects every aspect of your life.
If you don't feel well, you can't even begin to think about improving the other aspects of your life. You need to have a health plan. Do you understand nutrition, sleep and exercise?   If you don't, your lack of health or energy will drop your ability to find balance and generate charisma. 
As human beings, we are emotional creatures. You cannot allow emotions like anger, resentment, frustration, hate, and depression rule your life. You are in control. If you are not able to control your emotions, you will be unable to control your actions or your life. Emotional mastery is essential to a balanced personal happy life. 
Personal development is what keeps you excited, motivated, and moving towards your goals. We are at our best when we are continually learning and improving. Personal development is something we need to do every day. The lack of personal development causes us to become negative, cynical, and pessimistic. 
You have to be in tune with yourself, with who you are, and your purpose. We are spiritual beings; we all have a spiritual side. We all define spirituality in a different way. It could be serving others, religion, meditation, or even getting back to nature. You need to take the time to listen to your inner voice and to tap into your personal spirituality. 
We are also social creatures. Our greatest strength and well-being comes from our relationships. Most of our happiness (and sadness) comes from our associations with each other. As such, relationships are an integral part of your happiness and balance. No man (or woman) is an island and life and success is not a solo project. 
We often spend too much of our time focusing on the wrong things. We get so busy pursuing what others recommend that we forget to examine what is helping or hurting us. If we neglect any one of the life-alignment areas, our overall happiness, energy and presence will diminish.

The key is to discover what is sucking the energy out of you. We know that the lack of balance in your life could be a major factor in losing valuable energy. Find the biggest area of weakness (physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, financial or emotional) and create a game plan to fix it.

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